Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

1.1. Hotel.cz Web Portal Owner – limited liability company HOTEL.CZ a.s. based at Lihovarská 1060/12, 190 00, Praha 9. Contact address: Řeznická 7, 460 01 Liberec, telephone 222 539 539 email: info@hotel.cz.

1.2. Customer – a person (natural or legal) ordering services offered in an Accommodation Facility.

1.3. Accommodation Facility – owner/lessee of accommodation venues, providing a Customer with services specified in Order that has been agreed between the Hotel.cz website owner and the Customer.

2. Introductory Provisions

2.1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereafter referred to as “GTCs”) regulate the contractual relationship between the Hotel.cz Web Portal, the Customer and an Accommodation Facility whilst providing accommodation booking services offered by the Accommodation Facility on the Owner’s web portal.

2.2. In addition to the GTCs , the Contractual Relationship between the Hotel.cz Web Portal and the Customer is also governed by the Terms and Conditions of the particular Accommodation Facility (hereafter referred to as “TCs”) which are listed in the footer of reservation form of each particular Accommodation facility. The GTCs are applied in all instances where TCs contain no other adjustments.

3. Applicable Law and Legal Regime

3.1. Contractual relationships between the contracting parties are governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic.

4. Ordering a Service and Payment

4.1. Order

Customer expresses their interest in a service by sending a demand form. Hotel.cz Web Portal Owner checks availability with the Accommodation Facility for the selected dates and informs the Customer about the availability and price of accommodation. Only after receiving a confirmation telephone call or a written confirmation of the order from both the Customer and the Accommodation Facility is the reservation binding (accommodation voucher is sent to the Customer).

4.2. Service Price

Service price is set by the Accommodation Facility, Hotel.cz Web Portal does not charge any additional fees. Price is determined by the selected dates, number of guests and other factors set by the Customer in their order. Hotel.cz Web Portal informs the Customer about the total price before a binding agreement is made; an order is binding once the Customer accepts the price. Prices shown with each Accommodation Facility are for guidance only and are not binding until Hotel.cz Web Portal provides the Customer with a binding reservation confirmation (accommodation voucher is sent to the Customer). Unless otherwise stated, the final price does not take into account any additional requirements of the Customer, which were entered in the note field during the reservation, or such requirements, which are considered additional during the telephone order, of which the client is informed during the call. Additional notes are also shown in the accommodation voucher. Additional requirements are agreed between the Customer and the Accommodation Facility. Hotel.cz is not responsible for their provision, price or quality.

4.3. Payment Conditions

Payment is made at the Accommodation Facility. With some reservations, particularly with group reservations, a credit card guarantee or a payment in advance of up to 100% of the total price of the stay is required. The Customer is always informed about the requirement of a credit card guarantee or a payment in advance during the process of confirming the reservation.

4.4. Mediation of communication

Accommodation facility hereby agrees to mediation of communication by Hotel.cz Web Portal (including all processing, storing and accessing monitoring information of the communication performed by Hotel.cz Web Portal) and declares that all the employees, deputies and other persons have been informed (and in accordance with applicable laws has their consent) about using the Mediation of communication service provided to them or provided in their name. Accommodation facility agrees not to use the Mediation of communication service in order to send unsolicited advertising messages. Accommodation facility will fully compensate Hotel.cz Web Portal for any claims of third parties or fines caused by illegal or unauthorised usage of Mediation of communication services for Accommodation facility's own purposes.

5. Cancellation and Refunds Policy

5.1. Cancellation Policy is defined by the Accommodation Facility in their TCs. In case the Accommodation Facility does not have a clearly defined cancellation policy and the credit card warranty is applied, on a no-show your card will be charged for the first night of the stay. If a reservation is cancelled (by reservation cancellation is meant a written confirmation of the reservation cancellation from Hotel.cz Web Portal) at least 24 hours before the original date of arrival and the credit card warranty is applied, your credit card will not be charged any cancellation fee.

5.2. Customer is obliged to inform the Provider of any changes to a reservation or its cancellation in written form.

5.3. Complaints about the quality of accommodation and services provided by the Accommodation Facility are made directly at the Accommodation Facility.

5.4. Complaints about the services provided by Hotel.cz Web Portal can be sent by email to reklamace@hotel.cz or by post to HOTEL.CZ a.s., Řeznická 7, 460 01 Liberec.

5.5. In case of discrepancy between the cancellation policies as stated in TCs and GTCs, the cancellation policy of Accommodation facility is considered authoritative.

6. Personal Data

6.1. Personal Data Processing

Hotel.cz Web Portal Owner, limited liability company HOTEL.CZ a.s., based at 1060/12 Lihovarská, 190 00, Praha 9, IČ 271 76 223, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Case B 9533, is entitled, in accordance with the general laws and regulations in force, in particular with the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 from 27.4.2016 on personal data protection in relation to personal data processing and free movement of the data, to cancellation of 95/46/ES directive (hereafter referred to as “GDPR”), and to the Act No. 480/2004 Sb. on certain information society services, to process and store all information and data submitted by the customer for order facilitation purposes (hereafter referred to as “personal data”) primarily in order to facilitate the service. Hotel.cz Web Portal is the administrator of all personal data which it processes. Personal data will not be shared with any third party with the exception of the Accommodation facility and companies associated to Hotel.cz Web Portal. Accommodation facility becomes the personal data administrator after receiving the data directly or indirectly from the technical processor. Personal data is processed for Hotel.cz Web Portal by processors who are bound by the processing contract. Each of the parties is obliged to provide appropriate personal data protection to prevent the data loss, unauthorised access, usage, deletion and publication, and furthermore to process the personal data according to applicable law so that appropriate confidentiality and security of personal data is ensured. Data acquired in accordance with the law will be stored and processed for time period set by the law, other data for maximum of 2 years from the last Customer's order. Personal data are processed for the purposes of correct provision of ordered service and for the purposes of more precise offers of suitable additional services.

6.2. Hotel.cz Web Portal uses cookies and processes Personal data in a way which is described in a separate document The Proclamation of Privacy Protection which is available at https://www.hotel.cz/ochrana-soukromi-rmkt/accommodation/.

6.3. Advertising messages and promotional newsletters

Advertising messages of websites operated by HOTEL.CZ a.s. (hotel.cz, spa.cz, penzion.cz) can be sent to customer's email address or telephone number offering similar or additional services, unless the customer disagrees with this. Customer can express their disagreement with Personal data processing by sending an email to rezervace@hotel.cz, or alternatively by using the unsubscribe link within the advertising message.

6.4. Telephone Calls Recording

The Customer agrees with all telephone calls being recorded for improvement of quality of services and for recording the Customer’s agreement to terms and conditions and Order Confirmation, agreement being granted expressly or implicitly by continuing the telephone call with Hotel.cz Web Portal’s operator.

Telephone calls with the operator are recorded for the reasons given below. Customer is notified about the recording at the beginning of the telephone call and can raise an objection to such recording.

In case a service is being ordered via telephone call, it will be recorded by the operator to prove that a consent was expressed and a contractual relationship was made.

Operator also records telephone calls in order to improve services and to prove customer's claims for example in connection with exercising the rights to terminate the agreement in the event of defective performance.

Such recording and personal data processing is therefore possible for the reasons of operator's legitimate interest as allowed under Article 6 (1)(f) regulation. Customer may object to such data processing either during the telephone call or additionally by writing an email to operator's email address: rezervace@hotel.cz

Operator keeps telephone call recordings only for such a period, as is strictly necessary,
a) for 3 years to prove that a contractual agreement was reached,
b) for 10 days in case of service improvement,
c) for 3 years in case of protection of rights and obligations - to exercise the right in the event of defective performance in particular.

6.5. Customer's Rights

In compliance with the GDPR Customer has the right to:
- unsubscribe from receiving advertising messages
- object to processing based on legitimate interest
- request information on what personal data is processed
- demand access to the data and have them updated or corrected or even request limitation of processing
- request deletion of the personal data, which will be performed unless it is contrary to the applicable law in force or to our legitimate interests
- data portability, when it is an authorised processing on the basis of consent or performance of the contract
- request a copy of processed personal data
- effective judicial protection, if the customer believes their rights under the GDPR were breached due to personal data processing in a way which is in conflict with the GDPR
- submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority.

7. Validity and Applicability

7.1. These General Terms and Conditions shall become valid and effective on 25.5.2018.

7.2. The currently valid version of these General Terms and Conditions is available in the Hotel.cz Web Portal Owner's place of residence and is published on the administrator's web pages at www.hotel.cz