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For hoteliers

Dear hoteliers,
Would you like to increase the occupancy of your accommodation? Hotel.cz is the fastest growing up local portal aimed to the local business clients. We process more then 500 requests into hotels and guesthouses from the Whole Czech Republic every day.

Jak to funguje?

Presentation on Hotel.cz (and partner websites) is free. Our remuneration is a commission from effective bookings.
Do you want more informations? Contact our specialist Ondřeje Bambuška at ondrej.bambusek@hotel.cz.

Proč právě s HOTEL.CZ?

  • We are the fastest growing reservation system on the online booking market.
  • Over 250 000 visitors look at our web sites monthly.
  • Every year, We help more than 150 000 visitors find suitable accommodation.
  • At this year We've already confirmed reservations of 130 million CZK.
  • Besides the direct hotel.cz's partners (turistik.cz, bezvadovca.cz, last.cz, kdeprespat.cz, penzion.cz, hotely24.sk, nadovcu.cz) You have a chance to put presentations of your accommodation onto couple of front czech accommodation portals. Here you'll find the list http://www.previo.cz
Previo partners